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Nadine Wentzell<br><small>Workplace Drug and Alcohol Consultant</small>

Nadine Wentzell
Workplace Drug and Alcohol Consultant

Promoting Safe Workplaces and Healthy People

Addiction affects at least 10% of the population. Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace leads to injuries, decreased morale and lost time. Employers’ costs of benefits and human resources increase, and the negative effect on employees impacts productivity and profitability in countless ways.


Nadine’s focus is individual and team effectiveness. She works with clients to guide them in being more effective at what they do, and more efficient in the process. Net results are evidenced in improved service delivery and profitability.


Nadine’s workshop focus is to foster communication and collaboration, and achieve commitment. Areas of emphasis include team-building, stress and conflict management, communication and collaboration, and customer/client care.


Nadine prepares for each keynote by gaining insight into an organization’s culture. Her presentations are always on topic and relevant. Feedback from participants of Nadine’s presentations frequently highlight her energy, authenticity, and connection with her audience.
“This is bigger than implementing a policy on Drugs and Alcohol. It’s about our employees’ health, safety, and overall well-being.”
– Craig Paul, Manager MacPass & Technology, Halifax Harbour Bridges
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness

    • Do you know how to identify an employee that may be abusing drugs or alcohol?
    • Are you troubled by the potential liabilities of ignoring this problem?
    • Do you struggle with how to tackle this sensitive topic?
  • Learn

    • How to mitigate your legal and ethical responsibilities
    • The hidden and real costs of substance abuse
    • Strategies to address substance abuse in the workplace