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“Nadine is well organized, professional, open-minded, timely and knowledgeable. She spoke in a language familiar to us and provided new ideas, tips and techniques in a non-threatening atmosphere. She is an excellent example of the message she conveyed. She made our session come alive with her humour and creativity.?” – K. MacCurdy-Thompson, Health Care clinician

Nadine prepares for each keynote by gaining insight into an organization’s culture. Her presentations are always on topic and relevant. Feedback from participants of Nadine’s presentations frequently highlight her energy, authenticity, and connection with her audience.

Nadine’s keynote presentations are individualized for each audience. Her expertise covers a range of topics related to communication, collaboration and commitment. Nadine is passionate about creating awareness, building momentum, and motivating her audiences to take action on what they learn to achieve measurable results.

Topics include

  • Chasing the Dragon- Managing Substance Abuse in the Workplace
  • How do I Know I have a Comprehensive Program that’s Effective?
  • Current Trends and Statistics – Workplace Realities
  • Prescription Drug Abuse – What You Need to Know
  • Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes – The Evolving Landscape

Testimonials from participants can be found in the Workshops section of this site.

“Nadine gives 200% – will be there to consult with after the presentation …”

— Dr. Genevieve Campbell, Addiction Medicine Specialist
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness

    • Do you know how to identify an employee that may be abusing drugs or alcohol?
    • Are you troubled by the potential liabilities of ignoring this problem?
    • Do you struggle with how to tackle this sensitive topic?
  • Learn

    • How to mitigate your legal and ethical responsibilities
    • The hidden and real costs of substance abuse
    • Strategies to address substance abuse in the workplace