Learning is as much about the process as it is the content. Each workshop Nadine presents is specifically customized for her audience, where topics and content are always relevant to and reflective of participants’ needs and priorities.

Nadine designs her workshops to meet individuals’ learning styles and promote application to the workplace. Nadine’s workshops are highly interactive. Her approach is a combination of providing knowledge and expertise, while supporting participants in recognizing and valuing their own knowledge and skills. Nadine designs her workshops to meet individuals’ learning styles and promote application to the workplace. She encourages participants to leave her workshops with actionable goals to put into practice immediately when they return to work.

Nadine’s approach to learning is “full circle.” Her responsibility does not end when the learning event is completed. She assesses what learning has been transferred from the classroom to the workplace, and the impact of that learning. This process identifies future learning requirements and priorities for ongoing professional development.

Workshops for Managers/Supervisors

Policy Workshop – focuses on familiarizing managers and supervisors with their workplace policy and their responsibilities under that policy. Customized to each specific workplace – tailored to address workplace culture and work activities. Can include strategies to recognize and address problems, and information about assessment resources and treatment options.

Current Trends in Workplace Substance Use – focuses on current trends in use, why people use, prevalence of use in the general population, how to recognize use in the workplace and how to address issues.

Prescription and non-prescription (over-the counter [OTC]) medications – focuses on this rising concern within the workplace; identifies specific areas of concern and the role played in the health and performance of employees.

Return to Work – focuses on a process to follow, writing a comprehensive agreement, what to say to whom & when, and how to re-integrate for success/minimize relapse.

Workshops for Employees

Policy Awareness Workshop – focuses on educating employees about their company policy, as well as providing information about the health and safety concerns related to drug and alcohol drug use, misuse and abuse. Workshops are customized to reflect each company’s policy and procedures, which can include Canadian best practices and American DOT requirements.

Substance Use 101 – focuses on use, misuse and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, their effects on performance, and health and safety implications. Includes information about low-risk drinking guidelines and safe medication use. Can also include specific information on other drugs of abuse – both legal and illegal – such as marijuana, cocaine, prescription and non-prescription medications.

[Nadine provided] an understanding that a Drug and Alcohol Policy and Procedure is not necessarily a bad thing, that it can actually assist with a troubled employee – it is not a way to clean house or catch people doing wrong.

Peter Hollett

Safety Manager, Halifax Harbour Bridges